Testimonials and Product Review


Real testimonials

I wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure for me to be in this course. I appreciate your passion, explanations, and dedication to teaching us all. Thank you! 

Roberto Polanco


Managing Trauma In The Montessori Classroom

Great opportunity to learn about identifying and addressing trauma! This course was very informative and would be helpful for anyone that works around children or young adults with challenges. 

Nancy Anastasio

Autism and MontessoriThis is an amazing course for every educator -- Montessori or not, with applicable information for  any type of school or classroom environment. Maria Eva and Brynn are experienced, compassionate, and attentive. Highly recommend this course! 

Erin Brooks

I appreciated the parent and educator insights and the passion for supporting and advocating for children with autism as members of an inclusive community. 

Elise Davis

Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Early Childhood Montessori Classroom

This course was very informative and gave a thorough background to set things up, as well as meaningful and useful tips.  I appreciated the support documents, as well.  I look forward to sharing this information with my staff.

Sharon Vanella