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Challenging Children and Montessori

"Of all things love is the most potent" Dr. Maria Montessori

"Of all things love is the most potent" Dr. Maria Montessori"Of all things love is the most potent" Dr. Maria Montessori

No Screen Day



We know that our kiddos typically get plenty of screen time as it is, and this is particularly true if social activities are limited.  When adding a home school program, our kiddos are inevitably spending even more time in front of a screen or device of some kind.  

Of all the educational methods, techniques and curriculums, the Montessori Method is uniquely intent on delivering a physical learning environment that enables the child to explore, manipulate and learn from their surroundings.  Although a distance learning program is certainly different, this fundamental principle of Montessori can still be experienced by our kiddos.

Turn off the screens

No Screen Day is a major component of our Montessori at Home program to deliver a genuine and physical Montessori experience in the Home.

Each week your kiddo's schedule will reflect one day in which they will have the opportunity to "Turn off the Screens" and experience their physical surroundings.  Families are encouraged to participate as much as possible by turning off all screens around the house that your kiddo might have access too.  Every family and every week is different, so utilize this opportunity in the best way for your family!  

Just because the screens are off doesn't mean the learning stops......quite the opposite in fact!  For this reason, as part of the weekly curriculum, families will get ideas, Practical Life & Sensorial Works and other suggested activities for your kiddo during their No Screen Day.