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Challenging Children and Montessori

"Of all things love is the most potent" Dr. Maria Montessori

"Of all things love is the most potent" Dr. Maria Montessori"Of all things love is the most potent" Dr. Maria Montessori

4 - Early 5 Year Olds


Follow the child program:

Finding the right balance of Montessori academic lessons, personal and group sessions, socialization and length of Zoom session engagements is an important part of any distance learning program.  Montessori at Home with Mrs. Maria is focused on finding the right balance based on each age groups developmental level and capacity for sustained attention.  

The Follow the Child Program is tailored to group children of the same developmental stage together to better enable the children to absorb and process the lessons and material presented.

The Program delivers the following for children and families aged 4 to early 5 years old:



The Arts

The Arts are an important part of a traditional Montessori experience and Montessori at Home with Mrs. Maria strives to achieve the same.  Our program invites Guest Speakers and Guest Guides to deliver genuine Montessori Art Lessons, Group Reading and Stories, and Music. 

Your Child's In-Home Montessori Classroom:

Together, we will schedule an initial Zoom session to help you set up your child’s environment to reflect a Montessori classroom. Session will include setting up an art area, works area, kitchen area, free activities area, snack area and cleaning supplies area as well as answering any questions you might have that will help improve your child's distance Montessori experience.



Group Zoom Lessons

We will be tailoring and breaking up our group lessons so that our time together can be as productive and age specific as possible.  Each group lesson will focus on genuine Montessori curriculum in either Math, Science, Language, Art, Cultural, Physical Education or Practical Life.  Many group sessions will also include additional activities that can engage the child outside of the Zoom session. 




Every Primary Montessori experience includes personalized attention for each child as needed.  We feel that this personal attention is more important than ever in a distance learning environment.  This private and personal time is where Mrs. Maria can truly "Follow The Child".  Each One-on-One experience will be used to guide the child and let them pursue their interests as well as reviewing and focusing on lessons, skills and benchmarks that need improvement.

Circle Time


circle time via zoom

Circle Time is an important part of the Primary Montessori experience.  Although the distance learning experience may prevent us from physically sitting in a circle, the Zoom platform does enable us to gather our children together to participate in all the normal Circle Time activities, including storytime, singing, as well as practicing our normal classroom rituals to reinforce mutual respect, understanding and focus.



Parents Zoom Meeting

Parents and families are going to play a larger role than ever in the at home Montessori experience of our kiddos.  Since parents no longer get to see their child's teacher at pickup and dropoff, it's important that we touch base occasionally to address concerns, review progress and generally stay well connected and in communication to deliver the best possible experience for our kiddos.  During the first few months, I want to make sure we are touching base for 15 minutes, with or without the child present, at least once every other week.  Of course, each family may request a private meeting whenever they feel the need.



Community Zoom Meeting

Community is one of the core Montessori principles that every Montessori school should be promoting.....Montessori at Home with Mrs. Maria makes it a priority to do the same.  Although our Community may only come together via Zoom, the importance of our Community is no less important.  Our goal is to foster and promote the development of relationships between our families so we can better support one another, offer resources and enable more opportunities for our kiddos to develop personal relationships with one another outside of our program activities.


Weekly Email from Mrs. Maria

Parents can expect a weekly email from Mrs. Maria that covers the following:

  1. Notice & Information on any Special Guests, Events or Projects for the week.
  2. Weekly Personalized Lesson Plan that includes all the physical items and materials needed for all lessons and activities for the week.
  3. Weekly Digital Supplemental Learning Assignments offered via online tools and/or IOS/Android phone and tablet apps and tools.